How does the game run?   The game runs alright, But I have experienced some performance issue if it rains a lot and playing multiplayer. But all in all I have no complains, it is easy to join a multiplayer game.   Minimum requirements windows: OS: Windows XP or later Processor: Core 2 Duo Memory: … Read more


Hitting the bottle

So as you may or may not know I met a lady back in April, witch sadly did not work out. I did not take that very good. And it did effect me a lot. So I have been drinking a lot lately. Which explains the lack of content on this page and on my … Read more

Bastille Day

Another terrorist attack in France

So once again, it looks like I have to woken up to the terrible news of a terror attack in Nice in France. And my thoughts goes to the people of the families of the victims and hope that the injured people will receive the best medical care that France has to offer. Norwegian media … Read more