About me

The man behind Hanniball84

1918994_388230200120_649257_nYep, that’s me. A small black spot, jumping around where I shouldn’t be. But I do like to smile and laugh. life hasn’t just given me the best cards. I do struggle with anxiety, depression and personality disorder, and that makes life a bit tricky sometimes. My social life manly take place under the influence of alcohol.
Altho I know alcohol is not the best medicine. It works.
I don’t drink every day, but I do live for the weekend beer.
you might think that all is doom and gloom but that is not totally true. Altho its a big handicap I do have a some fantastic friends, and a lot of fun.

My Moto is: If you can’t laugh about it, it’s not worth it.
Due to my mental illnesses my social life has declined a lot, and that is the main reason that I started up with Twitch and YouTube


And yes, I am single and looking 🙂




Where do i live?

I have lived most of my life in Kristiansand, a city in the south of Norway

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I think it is the 5 biggest cities in Norway with about 90.000 people.
Kristiansand is so far south that we don’t have to worry about polar bears or yetis attacking you on your way to the shop. We even have a cannon here that can shoot half the way to Denmark.


What do i do for a living?

Noting much, I spend monday to friday in a small concrete office in my home. As i am on wealthfare mony i have a lot of time to spend on the internett. So im hoping that maby some day my10616646_676533625756097_8467633617281851502_n hobby wil pay for it self. And my hobbys are ofcorse playing games and creating youtube content. But my biggest dream is to build up a comunity as i dont have to many people to talk and
interact with.


And that, my friend might just be you 😛


Other then that i have had litle work experiance, i worked two years as a telemarkeder… it wasnt fun, but we only sold stuff for charity.
i also worked a year in a shop that dealed in used cothing. and it was runned by the norwegian salvation army. ofcours i got no pay from the shop, but i worked there for free to build up some work eksperiance. payed by the goverment… not much.. but i was anuff for food and a roof over my head. (barly)


Misc info you might want to know about me.

Am I religious?

no, I was baptized as a Lutheran Christian, and was a devoted Christian until I turned 15-16. and I most say, it’s good to take a shower without thinking there is an old hairy man in the sky watching you.

What are my favorite food and drinks?


well, I eat a lot of bread and cheese. but if I want to treat myself to some real goodies, pizza, lasagne or lamb ribs.
as for what I drink its manly Pepsi max and CB beer (CB is a local brewery in my home city) in the weekends.

What games do i play?

2013-06-11_1030108025807Well, I play a lot of games, but games like are mostly survival games like minecraft. If you like to see some of the things i have buidt in minecraft, you can go to my planet minecraft account. I also love simulation games like cities skylight and the Sims. I also fancy myself a good RPG from time to time. I mostly play fantasy RPG, but
Bethesda fallout get a pass from the fantasy genre. If you like you can join my steam group. ***Click here to join my steam group*** So you might already guess that I’m a PC person. But I was raised as a Nintendo fan, with the original Super Mario Bros, and also Sonic for Sega.


What music do i listen to?

Music, well. KoRn, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Wardruna, My dying bride, The Crüxshadows, Finntroll, Godsmack, Kaizers Orchestra, Lacuna Coil, Lumsk, Moonspell, Rammstein, Slipknot, System of a down… you get the Idea? right?

But i dont listen to music often, as i spend most of my time on youtube, playing games (and i do like to have some game music on). But if am doing the dishes i love to have some music playing in the background.