Hitting the bottle

Hitting the bottle

So as you may or may not know I met a lady back in April, witch sadly did not work out. I did not take that very good. And it did effect me a lot. So I have been drinking a lot lately. Which explains the lack of content on this page and on my youtube channel. I am really sorry for that. But I think I am on my way back. As all the alcohol has patched up the worst wounds. But I must say… Its been many many years since I have had any romantic feelings for anyone. And I had completely forgotten how much it hurts. Its hard to believe that on person can mess you up so bad. But I should have seen it coming. But a fool in love.. Is still just a fool.. Right?

When I was younger I made a short list of what I wanted to do with my life. Its a really short list.

  1. Get my own place to live
  2. Grow my own tomatoes
  3. Find miss happily ever after and start a family

So.. In a sober moment I decided it was time… And went out and got my self a tomato plant….


So 2 out of 3 is not that bad? Right?

And there is still hope that the real Miss happily ever after will come and knock at my door. But I am rather pessimistic about that. And I am not getting any younger sadly.

But I think I am on my way back to the good old me again. At least when it comes to content on my youtube channel. And find motivations to get up in the morning… The tomato plant needs watering. Its nice to know some thing is depended on me.

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