Another terrorist attack in France

Another terrorist attack in France

So once again, it looks like I have to woken up to the terrible news of a terror attack in Nice in France. And my thoughts goes to the people of the families of the victims and hope that the injured people will receive the best medical care that France has to offer.

Norwegian media don’t tell us much other then:

-There has been a truck that have run in to a crowed of people.

-The driver was a French-Tunisian man

-The driver has been shoot and killed

-It has been found weapons and grenades in the truck

-At least 80 killed..

-There has been no hostages situations before the attack

-France extends state of emergency by three months


I really don’t understand how a person could do a thing like this. The attack happened on Bastille Day, the French national day.

The French President Francois Hollande talk about France is under attack from Islamic terrorism.
And it must be religion or a serious mental illness behind such an act. As I see this, If it is an Islamic terrorist attack. It is not just an attack on civilians and France. This is ANOTHER attack on the western values and our way of life.

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