Subscriber loss and a missing summer

Subscriber loss and a missing summer


So its summer here in Norway or is it.. I feel like its more like a bloody monsoon season here. So no good weather so far this summer. I think we have only had a couple of days with clear skies. Usual I don’t mind gray Skye. But I feel this is on the border point of absurd. I mean after spending this mush time redecorating my balcony and the summer is here.. The weather don’t allow me to use it.

But to be fair, we had a pretty good spring.

Its been a while since I posted anything new here, and I am sorry that it take so long between every post. But if you read my former post. Real life is taking its toll on my net activity… Well that is a lie.. I spend most of my time home, on the net.. Talking with a girl that I am hopelessly in love with. When I am not talking with here I try desperately to get some recording done. So I can get my regular videos uploaded to my youtube channel.

Speaking of my youtube channel. I lost almost 10% of all my subscribers. Its not many. But I really felt it. And it really did a number on my self confidence. Even if it was something done by youtube. I feel like I really work hard for ever subscriber I get. Sadly the view count and average view time has gone down as well. But I think it has its natural causes, as its summer, and the youtube series that I do have been dragging out a bit. The Fallout 4 series is at episode 85, the Skyrim Letsplay is at episode 102 and I have uploaded 68 episodes of Stardew valley. So I am thinking that I should start to round off some of the series. But we have to see. Skyrim we have the complete Dragonborn DCL left. And fallout 4 we have Far harbor and Automatron DLC that we have not really touched at all. And stardew valley.. I have no idea how I could round that series off.

But if I am to round off some of my series what do you like to see on my channel. I have a small backup plan and that is to go back to minecraft. What do you think?

Feel free to leave your suggestion in the comments down below.

-Keep Smiling-

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