Back again!

Back again!

So I am back again on this blog thingy. About time, Right?

Well when I started this blog I thought that I would have all the time in the world writing about all the strange stuff that I do encounter in my life. But the great Real Life proved me wrong. Don’t get me wrong. My life is still exiting and there is a lot of stuff that I could have wrote about. But there simply is not enough time in the world. So I have priorities 2 things.

First of all, I have met a fantastic girl that I can’t get out of my head. So I thing my long search for Miss Happily ever after makes my brain block out every thing else. The sad thing is, I don’t know how she feels. Alto we talk every day. I am afraid that I will end up in the horrible place called The Friend zone. Anyway, she is crazy.. I have not made up my mind if she is that good kind of crazy.. Or that kind of crazy that will get me killed. Anyways, she makes me feel like IM 14 again. Feelings I thought I would never have again has surfaced. And I do not know if its a good thing. I mean, the higher we get up.. The harder the fall will be or something silly like that. But there is always that little voice in my head that says “embrace for impact” So, if everything goes down the drain, I hope I will crash as hard as last time I had those strange feelings.

The second thing that takes up a lot of my time is as you might guess; my youtube channel.
We are getting really close to 200 subscribers. As of right know, we are at 195. I also bought my self a new video camera, so I can bring my youtube channel out of “the office” and expand my channel a bit. So if you have any ideas on what I should do with the camera, feel free to write me a comment. And if you like to see me unbox the video camera and give it a short right out of the box test run. Feel free to watch the video

But clearly there must have been more going on in your life than a girl and you silly little youtube channel?

You are right, there has been a lot more. I mean, I have not written any blog posts since February, when I finished my sober month. But yeah, in April I met the girl I talked about in the beginning of this post, also I celebrated my 32 year, birthday. It wasn’t a big ordeal as celebrating birthdays is not that fun anymore. But I remembered we had some tequila and my bar tab was almost 5 times higher than it usual is.

I also started working on my bedroom, I layed a new floor, and now I am just waiting to get a driver so I can go and by the stupid wall panels that I want have on the walls.

But one thing is certain, I have drunk a lot less then I usually do in this period.

Lets go back to my Youtube channel again. Because I have also done something different there.
Me and a friend have tried out Google hangouts on air. And that was really really fun. So if you ever would like to see me get drunk live.. Friday is the day you should drop in to my channel. Also if you don’t have time. You can re watch it. All the live stream should be on a Playlist on my channel. Or you can simply *click here* to take you to the playlist

But now its time for me to get some breakfast, and ride my little workout bike.

Take care and keep smiling

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